Living Joy Everyday is about finding joy in the simple things of life. Providing tips and tricks to bring joy into your life by sharing the things that bring me joy. Not everyday is perfect or even every season, but finding some joy in everyday circumstances helps us to keep moving forward. Joy is not the same for everybody but together we can develop a community that will provide support and encouragement for each other.

About Me:

I am Jennifer, a daughter, wife and mother. My greatest joy comes through my family. I have three children and a wonderful husband. Family is very important to me and I understand that we only have a limited amount of time together before my children are out of the house. It is this time that I feel is so important to build relationships and memories that will be the backbone of who our children will become. It is this philosophy that has led me to an interest in photography, healthy eating and living, outdoor adventures and family time. We live in central New York and have fun adventures exploring what is available to us locally, but we also have dreams of exploring more of our country and world.