My Homemaking Food Journey

My homemaking food journey

There are many food philosophies floating around the internet about fads, diets and junk in our food. Since feeding my family healthy and nourishing food is one of the things that brings me joy, it will be one of the focuses of this blog. I want to share my thoughts on the journey I have been on as I have transitioned my family to a more whole food lifestyle.

When I became a mom, more years ago than I want to admit, it made complete sense to me to clean up our cleaning products. It was a swift and quick transition. I never looked back!

Food, however was not on my radar. I did not grow up loving cooking. After we were married I would make daily dinners but I always needed a recipe. Because of my lack of experience and interest, I shopped the boxed and canned isles just as much if not more than the perimeter. I operated by the assumption that if the food was in the grocery store it was safe. I didn’t know any better.

Then a few years ago I stumbled across the blog “100 Days of Real Food”. This was my introduction to becoming purposeful about what I was feeding my family. Our food transition journey started with educating myself. I read Michael Pollan’s book In Defense of FoodThis started to open my eyes to what was really in the food I was feeding my family and how important that was to our health and well being. I never questioned the whole organic thing. It just didn’t make sense to eat chemicals, but the boxed and canned food that I assumed to be safe. Not so much!

Then came the documentary “Food Inc.” I had found it at our local library and watched it without knowing what I was getting myself into. I highly recommend watching it but only if you are prepared to make some immediate changes. You can not watch it and not be affected to make change in the food you are eating. My relationship with food took a complete 180 turn. I went from not thinking at all about the food I was feeding my family, to being paranoid that every thing they were eating was going to permanently harm them. I would get irritated when the kids would get candy at school, I would get mad at myself if I didn’t have good meals for my family everyday and I would cringe when I would hear what they were eating at friends homes. As much as I wanted to support good health for my family I did realize this attitude was not healthy either. I did eventually learn to back off some and understand that I can’t control everything.

I now try to give myself some grace. I control what I can at home but don’t sweat what happens outside the home. I guess the 80/20 rule has saved my sanity. I want my children to be able to make good decisions and when they are out of the house that is when they are able to practice that. My oldest daughter still remembers the Halloween when she was about 8 and ate most of her candy that night. She did not feel well later and hasn’t done it since.

Here is what I try to keep in mind when attempting to feed my family.

  • If I can make it myself I try to
  • I try to find organic produce but if not I try for local
  • Sugar is saved for sweets. I strive for homemade treats over store bought candy and cookies
  • I stay away from recipes that have canned or boxed ingredients (except canned tomatoes)

Because cooking is not a love of mine I go in waves of motivation. It does take work. Good food is not necessarily convenient, it takes time to grow and it takes time to prepare. I do love my family and want to do all I can to keep them healthy so we can have a thriving life. That’s my motivation! I try the best I can but keep in mind that I am not perfect and if we order pizza one night I have to be OK with that.

Some other of my favorite resources include:

  • Simple bites – This blog encourages seasonal cooking and getting the kids in the kitchen young.
  • My humble kitchen – This blog has a series called “25 Day Grace Filled Journey to Real Food” that is an excellent resource.
  • 100 days of Real Food – This blog has many recipes and suggestions for kids lunches. She also has a cookbook that not only has good recipes but is a good educational resource to help you along on your journey.

This is a process and a journey. I hope to share a few good ideas along the way. Thanks for stopping by. There are many other good resources. Please share some of your favorites.




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