Adventuring does not have to be costly. It does not cost much at all to find a trail and walk, but all the gear can add up especially for families. I have looked around and found some deals that I want to share with you. Click on the picture for the link.

286919_5577_41A good day pack can make a big difference in your exploring. I have an older version that has worked very well for me from hiking the Grand Canyon to exploring with my family. This one seems light but still has a pocket for a bladder. It is currently on sale for $89.99. I love LLBean for a few reasons. I have had good luck with their quality, they have a great return policy and its made in the USA. You can’t say that much anymore.

travelblanketI have had my eye on this blanket for awhile but just couldn’t justify the purchase. It is currently on sale for $39.99 and also includes a car emergency safety kit.

hydroflaskAfter our summer road trip I discovered drinking warm water from my water bottle that was left in the car while we were out adventuring was not very refreshing. I would have loved to have something that would have kept our water cold for longer than a typical plastic water bottle. This hydro Flask seems like it would do the job. It is currently on sale at REI, 18 fL. oz. for 20.73. They also have other sizes on sale.

smartwoolLastly, as much as I am enjoying summer, the colder weather is just around the corner. Currently REI has a variety on Smart Wool products on sale for about 30% off. A great way to start getting prepared for winter adventuring. I have learned that there is a lot of fun to have in the winter, but it really makes a difference when you are comfortable with the right gear.

Few More Deals:
From August 20-25 REI is offering a $20 bonus card with a $100 purchase and a $20 membership. It is like getting the membership free and then you get all the deals and rewards of membership.

The National Parks are celebrating their Centennial birthday with free admission into the National Parks from August 25-28.